Formerly of Borrodale Road, Kingsford
Any association with current residents of Borrodale College is purely coincidental. Please don't pester them for the sins of their forebears.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Issue 9 - On Waiting

Dear gentle reader,

Christopher Rowe, David Lockart, Matthew Frazer and Andrew Ireland bid you the warmest of greetings. In theory you should recognise at least one of those names.

Now, onto more important matters. Whilst turkey is a fine sandwich meat, chicken can cover a multitude of culinary sins. Or cause them. Leg ham is a prince of sorts, but it defers still to the king of sandwich meats: SPAM(TM).

But not everyone belongs to the Kingdom of Spam(TM). In fact, some reject its sovereignty completely, following other, lesser protein sources.

If you have been sadly mistaking our little newsletter for spam(TM), we beg of you to repent! Perhaps absent from some of our earlier emails was some explanation of who we are and what it is we do.

We are the above mentioned four university students, who all share a house in the pleasant suburb of Kingsford, Sydney. We all attend Unichurch UNSW and are avid armchair theologians, aspiring to be relevant communicators to our generation. To this end, we started the Borrodalian as a way to develop and deliver incisive Christian commentary on whatever issue has taken our interest in the week preceding our publishing deadline, with a suitable injection of wit and good humour. Then we discovered that was really hard, so we haven't really done any of that. Being the sorts of people that we are (and if you know one of us we share at least some things in common) we wanted an opportunity to vent onto the world, but far more importantly to have the world vent back onto us. And so we ask you, our friends, colleagues, families and acquaintances to help us!

Firstly, if you want no part in our enterprise, we are an understanding bunch and will unsubscribe you at your request. We appreciate that we essentially started spamming everyone without cause. But between us we did have over 130 people we thought might be interested in reading our banter, and so we couldn't possibly personally email them all. We apologise for any offense caused.

If you are interested, we would love to hear any contribution you wish to make to the Borrodalian. We publish letters to the editors weekly, which are generally shortish (~200 word) comments on the essays we write or our general characters (which are questionable, to be sure).

If you have a particular idea for something you would like to appear in the Borrodalian, send us a suggestion or a proposal and we shall seriously consider it! Believe it or not, we are full time students and can't spend every minute coming up with great ideas like this one!

Why "The Borrodalian"? Well it's simple. It sounds pretentious. No, not really. We live on Borrodale road, and it was late, OK? Our house has a long-standing history of sheltering transient Christians on their way from student-hood to reality. We hope our transition will be made smoothly.

Attached is our ninth issue. Which makes next week a big week for us - its our decennial edition! To celebrate we're doing something really special. But very secretive. Something so unbelievably great that we knew we couldn't possibly keep it a secret and were forced to repress that particular part of our memory to make sure we didn't spill the beans. So once we discover how to recover that part of our hippocampus, we'll start preparing. In the meantime, if anyone can remind us, that would be most helpful.

Until next week, we bid you adieu, O kind and generous withstander of our scatter-brained ramblings!
The Borrodalian Team

Monday, April 23, 2007

Issue 8 - Hands and Feet

Dear friends,

As another week rolls by (another that you can never repeat again), we hope you find this issue of the Borrodalian a valuable use of your time and thoughts. Muse, enjoy and ponder. And send us many letters please!

Many thanks,

The Borrodalian Team

Monday, April 16, 2007

Issue 7 - Rituals

Dear friends,

We hope that Easter provided rest and refreshment for you, as it did for the editorial team. The next issue is hot off the press, and we look forward to your feedback.


The Borrodalian Team

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Issue 6 - On the Application of Heat and Salt

Dear friends,

No doubt you will be familiar with Napoleon's now famous line that 'an army marches on its stomach'. This week The Borrodalian has put forward its contribution to the war effort We hope it keeps you marching.

Until next week,

The Borrodalian Team