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Any association with current residents of Borrodale College is purely coincidental. Please don't pester them for the sins of their forebears.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Issue 28 - The Danger of Delayed Consequence

Dear friends,

The year is drawing to a close.

Now, onto a more cheery topic, we are pleased to present you Issue 28. We hope you will be delighted to discover that both Martha and the Bogongs have returned to the front page.


The Borrodalian Team

Monday, October 15, 2007

Issue 27 - Cleaning Up

Dear ____________,

How are you? Hope you are fine. Haven't caught up in ages! I hope your (mother / father / brother / sister / husband / wife / partner / dog) is (ok / feeling better / happy / miserable / free of fleas).

Things here are (great / mediocre / terrible / as usual / flooded) and I really miss your (company / cooking / money / jokes / dog). I'm sorry I haven't written much, but I (am really busy / have no Internet access / lost my hand in a boating accident / have joined a monastic order and taken a vow of silence / don't like you / don't speak French).

Next time you're in town don't forget to (visit / call me / keep on driving / bring your family / bring the money you owe me / bring your dog). I'd love to (catch up / have you for dinner / give you a hug / scratch your car / punch you in the arm).

Until next (time / letter / year / life),
(So long / Regards / Best wishes / Get lost / Woof)

The Borrodalian

----------------------------- Cut here -----------------------------------------------

We here at The Borrodalian know the value of a personal letter. So please take the above and personalise it to your own taste. If the result offends you, then we cannot be held responsible for your own bad judgment. If you still desire recourse against us, please read the attached issue, for which we may be held entirely responsible, and write a suitable letter to the editor, which will be studiously (published / replied to / ignored / incinerated / forwarded to all our friends and made an object of ridicule / posted on Facebook / launched on the next Space Shuttle).

The Borrodalian Team

Monday, October 8, 2007

Issue 26 - In Denial of the Secular

Good morning Readers!

Short and hopefully sweet. This phrase may suffice to describe this week's essay. As you will no doubt agree, it also describes the body of this email message.