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Monday, March 26, 2007

Issue 5 - When Reviled we Bless

A heartiest good day to you, O avid reader of our humble editorial,

Well, daylight savings has really messed up at least one editor of The Borrodalian to the point where he has confused the 12am publishing deadline for a 12pm one. So firstly, apologies to those readers who hang upon the arrival of The Borrodalian in their Monday morning inbox. We anticipate that the editor in question will be shot at dawn, if he can remember to get up in time for the execution.

So here is Issue number 5, the first prime-numbered issue since, well, issue number 3. Read it, enjoy it, think about it, respond to it, or fashion a new form of unpowered flight device from its printed pages if you will - Just beware that the printed form of The Borrodalian warrants an extra disclaimer to the effect that the editorial team will not be held responsible for any injury including, but not limited to, death arising from paper cuts. The world of digital media is a much safer one in our minds.

Until next week,

The Borrodalian Team

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