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Monday, May 28, 2007

Issue 13 - Musings on a Sonnet

Greetings from the lofty heights of Kingsford (as seen by plane),

It's great to have your suburb named after the local airport. It means that at 5am you can get to the airport in well under 10 minutes. It also means that your publishing house can share its location (at least in name) with one of Australia's finest aviators, and enjoy Federal representation from the former Midnight Oil frontman.

However these stunning attributes of our humble locale are rapidly fading into insignificance when faced with the tremendous attention being won by this insightful weekly. In fact in recent discussions about the expansion of Sydney Airport to include a fourth runway, Macquarie has indicated that naming rights may indeed be given to this paper. Just to think - planes landing on 'Borrodale South' heard it here first!

But enough of that. On with Issue 13.

Ever yours,

The Borrodalian Team

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