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Monday, June 11, 2007

Issue 15 - The Power of an Idea

Good morning to you, reader and friend,

At least one of our editors at The Borrodalian has undergone the somewhat trialling experience of being part of an audience addressed by a representative from a firm involved in, of all things, concrete manufacture. This esteemed ambassador of all things cement-and-conglomerate-based managed to keep a crowd of teenagers entertained (and I use the term loosely) for an hour and a half, enlightening us all on the finer points of concrete. During that experience*, thoughts arose in the particular editor's mind that drinking molten tree sap would be more fun than remaining in his seat, but common sense, and the lack of nearby forestation prevented him from acting upon those impulses.

We here at The Borrodalian love talking concrete at great length, though mostly in the abstract, so here to brighten your Monday morning is yet another edition of our humble publication. This week we report on the climate change situation at some length (a whole paragraph) and delve into the philosophy surrounding humanity's rejection of God.

We advise that you should avoid reading this issue of The Borrodalian nearby any plant material that may emit sap. If driven to insanity, stop reading, take three deep breaths, count to ten and say "King's afford Kingsford Kingswoods" seven times quickly. Then calmly explain to the people staring at you that it's OK because you're not an editor. If this happens and you are an editor, then please find the nearest sappy tree.

Until next quarter-orbit of the moon around the earth,
The Borrodalian Team

*The experience in question being at nothing less than the NYSF for those readers for whom that means something other than the New York Sportfishing Association

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