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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Issue 22 - On Simple Truths

Hello friends,

It has occurred to us that our customary salutation in these emails - 'friends' - is a term that has been debased by the social upstart 'facebook'. For the site to associate friendship with a mere mouseclick of assent, or worse, rejection is a travesty, when you consider the richness and depth of relationship which the word 'friendship' can entail.

Rest assured, dear reader, that our salutation to you is heartfelt and sincere. You receive this publication not resulting from a fragmented, tangential and somewhat irrelevant communication in hyperspace, but as a valued member of our readership. This week again we are excited to have manifested the depth of your insight, with two lively letters to grace our front page. And continuing this theme of exploring the way we use words is a witty essay from Mr Frazer.

It has also come to our attention that the emailed attachments may be a greater burden than some of your mailboxes can bear. If you would prefer to receive a link each week from Borrodale Press, allowing you to download our publication at your convenience, please notify us and we will endeavour to set this up.

Enough said. We give you Issue 22.

With regard,

The Borrodalian Team

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